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Karen Taylor Edgerton R.H.N.

Are You Stressed?

Your body is giving you clues all the time

High Cholesterol

Adrenal Fatigue

Sleep Issues


Acne and Skin Conditions

Blood Sugar Fluctuations

Cravings for Sugar, Salt and Alcohol

Muscle and Joint Pain

Weight Gain

Download this Free checklist to determine how stress is affecting your body and what you can do about it

In this checklist you’ll learn:

How the stress hormone cortisol works with other hormones in your body

How to support your body to combat and recover from stress naturally

How to easily incorporate key foods to support your stress response daily

When we experience stress, our bodies often require more nutrients as demand increases. We often make bad food and lifestyle choices at these times leading to many of the conditions mentioned above. I can help you to deal with increased stress by adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Start by downloading the ‘How Stressed Are You’ Checklist today!

What my clients are saying

Jen Augustine

Highly recommend! I have been dealing with several chronic health conditions for many years. No more gastric reflux, digestion is doing what it should, and hormones are balancing. Karen is lovely to work with and I am glad I contacted her.

Amanda H

Karen has given me the tools I needed to start a healthy lifestyle. I have learned to eat whole foods, instead of processed foods with chemicals. She has also shown me what foods to eat to get rid of the toxins in my body.  I have more energy and feel better than I ever have before. 

a personal note from karen

Years ago I was tired of striving for health and getting nowhere so when chronic heartburn struck me out of the blue (or so I thought), I knew I needed to change my belief and approach to wellness. I started dealing with digestive and hormone issues once I made the connection and finally began seeing improvements. I only got so far though because I was in a high stress profession with shift work, toxic chemicals which then turned into an emotional and socially toxic environment. While in nutrition school and learning about how stress will manifest in your life, my eyes were open to why I was stuck on my wellness journey.

Now, the longer I practice holistic nutrition, the more I see how stress is the common underlying cause as to why ‘clean eaters’ get stuck in their progress. Since we can’t run from stress and it’s part of life, supporting the body in all the areas is the best way. I believe doing it with food and lifestyle changes can be the easiest route. That is why I want to help you and designed this checklist with ways to combat stress naturally.