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Karen Taylor Edgerton R.H.N.

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Hello, my name is Karen Edgerton and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

How do I know the holistic, functional and natural approach to wellness works? I have been right where you are now, tired of striving for good health and still feeling not quite right. No matter what you try, it works for a bit but it’s too hard to keep up for the long term and then life gets in the way. Also, there is nothing healthy about being health obsessed and scared of food!

Being a long-time sufferer of hormone issues including PCOS as well as many different digestive issues, I know what it feels like to lose faith in your body and think there is nothing you can do about it.

My clients love working with me because I relate to most of their issues and can offer different strategies based on their unique needs from personal experience and what I learned at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I also introduce them to new foods because I don’t believe in the approach of taking certain whole foods out of your diet and instead look for the root cause. It is time to try something new!


Over the years what I have realized is how much stress contributes to your overall health. It is always the common denominator and let’s face it, we can never get away from stress be it physical, mental or emotional and yes, digestive. But we can support all our bodies systems that do play a role in being able to handle what life throws our way and that is my specialty.  

Hormones, especially cortisol can override most of the others disrupting their roles showing up as high cholesterol, insulin and sugar fluctuations, sleep issues, weight gain no matter how clean you eat. Not to mention your digestion on many levels resulting in food sensitivities and allergies, bloating, constipation, heartburn, gallbladder issues. Also, PMS and all kinds of menstrual issues in women and prostate issues in men, underactive or overactive thyroid, a decrease in appetite and sex drive. Does any of this sound familiar? That was my life for years before I switched gears in my goals, mindset, beliefs and priorities.

My passion is to help others who are ready for a transformation to a better quality of life without the help of medications and instead get to the root of their problem and start using food as medicine no matter what stage they are at. I meet you where you are to help you regain control of your health one step at a time.  

I am the founder of Hormones In Harmony – A Functional Balancing Approach for Women.

I look forward to working with you one on one as you become the best version of yourself and start relying on and trusting in your body again, just like I did in mine!

The Blue Heron symbolizes determination, balance, uniqueness, patience, stillness, tranquility and exploration. It also represents the ability to progress and evolve with wisdom.

Changing Together

I work closely with my clients providing specific taylor’d plans that you can live with and keep up daily.

No expensive testing, just one to one consultations where we work together, discovering what is best for you to achieve your optimal results.

My Core Values

My relationships are guided by the values that I hold dear when dealing with all of my clients. Practising the highest standards of excellence in your best interest.